Finnish Studies Courses at the U of T

Language courses

FIN100H1 - Elementary Finnish I

FIN110H1 - Elementary Finnish II

FIN200H1 - Intermediate Finnish I

FIN210H1 - Intermediate Finnish II

FIN300H1 - Advanced Finnish I

FIN340H1 - Advanced Finnish II

SWE100H1 - Elementary Swedish I

SWE101H1 - Elementary Swedish II

Professor Muhonen and students of Finnish Folklore The Kalevala (FIN310) in a group photo in 2017.

Culture courses

FIN225H1  Culture, Society and Politics of the Nordic Region

FIN230H1 - Finnish Culture 1800 to Present

FIN235H1 - Finnish Literature 1800 to Present

FIN236H1 - Hot Reads from a Cool Country: Contemporary Finnish Literature

FIN238H1 - The Vikings

FIN240H1 - Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature

FIN250H1 - Finnish Cinema

FIN260H1 - Scandinavian Cinema

FIN270H1 - Modern and Contemporary Finnish Architecture and Design

FIN280H1 - Finnish Musical Culture from Sibelius to Heavy Metal

FIN310H1 - Finnish Folklore: The Kalevala

FIN320H1 - The Finnish Canadian Immigrant Experience

FIN350H1 - The Finnish Short Story

FIN360H1 - Bilingualism in Finland

FIN400H1 - Translation: Finnish-English

FIN415H1 - Finnish Literature in the 20th Century

FIN420Y1 - Independent Study

FIN421H1 - Independent Study

FIN 310 Finnish Folklore: The Kalevala, class discussions, fall 2018
Studying Finnish language by reading Kanadan Sanomat.

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U of T Finnish Studies Program

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